Chloe by Kristina Haynes

5.5″ x 8.5″ | 110 pages | ISBN: 978-0692386637

by Kristina Haynes

(36 poems + 36 related illustrations!)

Chloe was born with her eyes open which means she can see through your bullshit.

– from “Chloe Was Born”

Kristina Haynes lives in a not-so-suburban suburb in Pennsylvania. Her work can be found online in numerous literary journals including Words Dance, Winter Tangerine Review, SpliceLit, The New Old Stock and Freckled. She has one previously published collection of work, It Looked a Lot Like Love (Where Are You Press, 2013.) She believes in cuticle care, good eyebrows, Yorkshire tea, brunch, and you. You can find more of her work at

Reviews for Chloe:

Chloe is brave and raw, adolescence mixed with salt. These poems are about how hungry we’ve been, how foolish, how lonely. Chloe is not quite girl nor woman, full of awkward bravery. Kristina is an electric voice that pulls Chloe apart page after page, her heartbreaks, her too many drinks, her romantic experiences of pleasure and pain. Chloe and Kristina make a perfect team to form an anthem for girls everywhere, an anthem that reassures us we deserve to take up space. Indeed, when I met Chloe, I too thought, This is the closest I’ve been to anybody in months.

Meggie Royer
Author of Survival Songs & Healing Old Wounds with New Stitches

Chloe is one of the most intimate books you’ll read all year. Chloe is my new best friend. I want to eat burnt popcorn on her couch and watch Friends reruns. I want to borrow her clothing, write on her walls in lipstick. Chloe is not your dream girl. She doesn’t have everything figured out. She’s messy. She’s always late. She promises old lovers she’ll never call again. She teaches you what the word “indulgence” means. She’s wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. In Chloe, Kristina Haynes digs into the grittiness of modern womanhood, of mothers and confusion and iPhones and two, maybe three-night-stands. Her truths are caramels on the tongue but are blunter, harsher on the way down. Kristina introduces us to a character I’ll be thinking about for a very long time. Go read this book. Then write a poem. Then kiss someone. Then buy an expensive strain of tea and a new pillow. Then go read it again.”

Yasmin Belkhyr
Editor-in-Chief at Winter Tangerine Review

Chloe is writing poetry again only this time she is not apologizing for it. If there were a tagline for this book, that would be it. Haynes writes unapologetically. Writes authentic. Writes dirty panties and five dollar margarita specials. Hangnails, chapped lips, and missed dinner reservations. Haynes writes us a montage of personal growth that starts with fear and ends with forgiveness. Chloe refuses to be a collection about sadness, and chooses instead to be a collection about surviving it. That is its magic. Where it could just as easily sink down, it chooses instead to rise up.”

Donna-Marie Riley
Author of Love and Other Small Wars

“Chloe embodies all of us in our rawest form: misguided and terribly human. She is someone whom we all want to know or forget, but cannot. You’ll fall for her flaws and regret your likeness to her, but she’ll force you to examine yourself. Whether you’re young and trying to find your way or someone who is struggling to make sense of what you’ve found, Kristina Haynes’ Chloe is an important read.”

Rachel Nix
Writer & Poetry Editor at cahoodaloodaling

“This book reads like your best friend’s diary. Chloe is Kristina’s best work to date. She was born for writing like this. Her book is full of luxurious, unapologetic femininity. Few people are capable of describing womanhood as honestly as this. We all know Chloe. We all have been her.”

Clementine von Radics
author of Mouthful of Forevers

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