James Franco Ode by Annie Fan

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James Franco Ode

After Donald Trump

“America how can I write myself to a
white tile college, graceless?

If I remember, I pretend I don’t

want to play squirrels and bears on camera. If I say

I will save you, I find that a dollar sticks

to my solar plexus, if I don’t want to pretend

I mute myself, and replay how
I dreamt of a woman with stone thighs.
One breast full of plastic, the colour white,
my drag of november. How the light
once knocked out my teeth, was once
just my hands and
my mummy/daddy playing a makeshift game –
drunk and reconstituted, opened. I dreamt
of somebody like me, fat
belly under the greenroom floor,
lying eyes, throat of gold,
yo ginsberg
yo ginsberg.

Annie Fan

A Foyle Young Poet in 2015, Annie Fan attends Rugby High School in Warwickshire, England. Their work appears in Ambit, Powder Keg and CALLISTO, among others, and has been recognised by Christ Church and Corpus Christi Colleges, as well as Hollins and Lancaster Universities. They are a prose editor at TRACK//FOUR.