Magic 8 Ball Theory by Brianna Howarth

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Magic 8 Ball Theory

We play house.
I set the baked ziti
on the dining room table.
You pour the champagne.

                         But I don’t want to pretend.

I mean business.
             Buying a queen mattress,
                                      dreaming next to you.

Your hair stuck in the drain,
my clothes impeding your closet space,
compromising on a couch,
splitting stamp prices,
sharing an address
and the welcome mat.

But I stick to safe sentences:

             How was work?

             I like your eyes.

             Here’s my dream

you starred in again.

But the question I want to ask:
Do you love me?
keeps getting caught
in my throat
like a house key.

Brianna Howarth

Brianna Howarth is an Instructional Designer/Writer, poet, lover of language, beach bum, fitness fanatic, and an appreciator of alliteration. Her work has been featured in South Jersey Magazine, the mobile app Hooked, Artemis, and Port City Review. She loves the rain, chai teas, and memoirs. Wander through her website at