not / knot by Jacqueline He

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not / knot

i. topology

When untying a grief knot, one must
take care to twist both working ends

so as to create an architecture of psyche
different from its conflicted form.

After you left, the cradle sheets began to
edge together, pillowed loosely in sweat.

ii. aveum

Suppose a forest between us. Suppose
the elfin crickets crowning the night firs,

a carousel of squirrels carousing under
the drunken wolves. I dream of small

rodent hands, how one pinched my
kneecap and left a heady numbness.

iii. playground

The slide unpeeled its citrus epidermis
as I sift woodchips for bodies as small

as lemons. Wax rinds snap in halves,
sour juice pooling from a fruitless birth.

Inside the red polymer turrets, I find
curlicues of zest shaped to balls of flesh.

iv. jacquard

Of Mary Magdalene, serene in a cool
blue cashmere top, little buttercups sewn

at the collar. I wore it carefully to preserve
her cleanliness, knotted the baby Jesus

in blankets of tissue paper. Until breath
exited his lungs as fog / water / snow.

Jacqueline He

Jacqueline He is a writer from the Harker School and the Editor in Chief of the Icarus Anthology, an international artistic & literary magazine. She was a prose mentee under Oriana Tang in the Glass Kite Anthology Online Writers’ Studio, and a prose mentee under Lisa Zou in the Quartz Online Writers’ Workshop. She currently serves as a poetry reader for the Glass Kite Anthology and the web developer for Parallel Ink. In February 2017, Jacqueline was featured as a Moledro Magazine Teen Poet.