Things That Break In Chinese Restaurants by Demi Richardson

Painting by Elizabeth Mayville | Website | Etsy Shop | Instagram

Things That Break In Chinese Restaurants

The fortune read,
Your problem just got bigger.
Think, what have you done.

And you laughed a distracted
something that floated away from us
while other couples
in other restaurants
held hands,

but you are not like you used to be –
there is no gentle in the way
you slide your hand into mine,
bring my hips back to you,

some nights you look at me
like you dug my heart
out of my chest with your bare hands

and some nights you
push your hands through your hair
shake your head at me and
leave quietly

later, we get drunk off moonshine
and apologies come from your lips like
a flood of bad omens

I ask if you need space
and the way you say “no”
makes my bones splinter,
makes me think –
what have we done?

here in this room, where
we scrape our knees and
bruise each other
on love and half-truths –
what have we done?

Demi Richardson

Demi Richardson splits her heart between California and Pennsylvania. Her work has previously appeared in the New Growth Arts Review, “draft” lit mag, and The Rising Phoenix Review.