To the Names Written on the Rocks by Rachel Litchman

Photography by Maria Kazvan | Website | Etsy Shop | Facebook | Flickr

To the Names Written on the Rocks

This time I go to the ocean
and your names are tied together in
white infinity. Whoever you are, graffitied

onto the rocks beneath my feet, maybe
you understand this. Maybe
you were there when she jumped

into the water. On the construction
cranes, singing, a man washed
the city windows

while below you,
a soaked body dripped
against the rocks. When her neck

snapped, the blood-red washed
the pair of boat shoes
a man had left

by the water. I couldn’t tell you
why the colors were colliding. I kept saying
please, who is it, but there was

so much pushing
away. Hands against my shoulders.
Hands against my chest. Hands

dipped into the sea around a silver
locket while the waves broke
over you, while out on the water,

a woman stood
spooning her mother’s ashes
to the wind.

Rachel Litchman

Rachel Litchman is a high school senior at Interlochen Arts Academy. She is the recent recipient of awards from the Luminarts Cultural Foundation, The Offbeat Flash Fiction/Prose Poetry Contest, and National Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Other work has been recognized by The Glimmer Train Press Short Story Award for New Writers and can be found in The Whitefish Review, The Mud Season Review, and Persephone’s Daughters. She currently serves as a poetry reader for the Adroit Journal.