reluctant lovers by Zoe Christopher

Photography by Maria Kazvan | Website | Etsy Shop | Facebook | Flickr

reluctant lovers

our longing
draped in veiled
it snickers
we gasp
we blush
and fidget.

(i said forget me/ call me
said i loathe you/ meant I love
please go now
don’t leave)

we skirt liminal land mines
like fireflies
shed our thin skins
naked and shy
they gasp
we blush
and shiver.

(you said come now/meant go
touch me here/ not here
said forget this
meant please

fearless and foolish
our hearts
do their bidding
they sing
we weep
we blush
to forget.

Zoe Christopher

Zoe has been writing all her life in an effort to understand what she’s thinking. Over the years, she’s put food on the table as an ice-cream truck driver, waitress, dental assistant, counselor, astrologer, art installer, bookseller, breathworker, and trainer of psychospiritual crisis support. While raising her son in California, she earned her Masters degree in psychology, and she’s part of the SF Creative Writing Institute community in San Francisco. She avoids talking so much today by using photography and the written word to say what’s left of her. :