Rebuilding After the Apocalypse by Samantha Brynn

Photography by Maria Kazvan | Website | Etsy Shop | Facebook | Flickr

Rebuilding After the Apocalypse

We lift our eyes to the sun & rise
from the dirt with dust
at our fingertips

              like a trigger.

I thumb at your lips & you settle
like this isn’t a wasteland but a privilege.

Like this isn’t a graveyard
              isn’t an underworld

just an undersky / undercloud / understar.

The whole of space is at the base
of your neck pooled
into your collarbone.

I kiss it

              & galaxies spill down
              my throat

the afterthoughts of a dying eternity.

If this is the desert we inherited
then I will become the last

grains of sand falling
through the hourglass.

Samantha Brynn

Always too soft and always looking for a fight, Samantha Brynn is a sarcastic New Yorker who likes pretending to be other people on stages and in general. She is not the monster under your bed. Honestly. More of her work can be found in The Rising Phoenix Review, or on her blog.