Bilingual by Jesse Cole

Photography by Maria Kazvan | Website | Etsy Shop | Facebook | Flickr


I want to know more. I want to memorize
the equation of your cupid’s bow
and translate it to Spanish,
to Latin, to Elvish.
To astronomy. To autonomy. I want to listen
to my instincts: Howl. Twirl.
Flirting with the moonlight, starlight,
near light, far light,
I want to be a nursery rhyme
whispered between silk sheets.
I want to be where your skin and the nighttime

Jesse Cole

Jesse Cole is a Michigan native who received her BA in English from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she also studied Spanish and philosophy. When not writing, Jesse can be found reading, listening to music, playing charades, or going on midnight car rides on Midwestern backroads.