The Civil War Silence by Lindsey Hobart

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The Civil War Silence

So tell me again how
he still doesn’t talk about it
because it turns his mouth dirty
and he’s tired of spitting teeth,
or how she clutches his hand tightly
while he sleeps his crooked sleep
and it still comes out like gunshots,
a guilty prayer.
Tell me again how
he believes in love in war
but says one isn’t fair
or the way he tries not to think about the weight
of a gun on his shoulder, the smell of blood,
how he still tastes the shrapnel in his mouth,
his dirty palms.
So tell us again about
that night he said her eyes
remind him of a war-torn country,
always bleeding, always hurt,
always home,
and she tugged on his dog tags —
the ones they never found — and asked,
“Did the war take the god out of you
or was it the other way around?”

Lindsey Hobart

Lindsey Hobart is an 18 year-old writer, dreamer, and sometimes-guitarist. Her work has appeared in Canvas Lit, Glass Kite Anthology, The Rising Phoenix Review, Germ Magazine, and others. When she isn’t writing or pretending she has musical talent, you can find her in a seedy hipster cafe reading Bukowski and yelling about capitalism.