Still by Margaret Schnabel

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you’d think that after all this time
I’d know better.

Yet: a milky shred of dream
clinging to me in the morning.

Yet: your fingers a blur against
the blistering horizon.

I collect the moments like bottlecaps,
cut my fingers on the edges,
tuck them under my tongue

knowing they won’t melt,
wishing they will anyway;

I burn my mouth trying to kiss the sun
and taste red for three days—

oh, love, take me back to the
sugar-spun ghosts of August.

Where I knew, if not myself,
at least some sunburnt
fragment of my body.

Yet: my soul drips from
September’s teeth.

Yet: I will not carve my insides out
to let you rest your head.

After all this time,

maybe we were better off
being wicks than bonfires.

Margaret Schnabel

Margaret Schnabel is a sixteen-year-old Indiana-born musician, artist and writer. Her works have previously been published in the Rising Phoenix Review and Zig Zag Zine. Besides poetry, she is passionate about chai tea, Monet paintings, and record stores. Her work can be found at