Shame Is the Last to Leave by Allie Long

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Shame Is the Last to Leave

Desire and desire.
The emphasis reveals the motive.
Let Bathsheba tell you.
                Unlike her, I do not feel
                I inhabit a body that would drive
                you to kill, but the force of your touch
pierces me like David’s eyes
on a rooftop, like two stakes
being driven into my ground.
                The eyes hide nothing –
                not love, not territory,
                not even my fear
of how heavily you accent
the second syllable – how you
can hide your victims
                on the battlefield if I refuse
                to hide my body
                from the world.

Allie Long

Allie Long is an economics and English double-major at the University of Virginia. Her poetry appears in Vagabond City Literary Journal, Ground Fresh Thursday, Bird’s Thumb, as well as others. Read more of her work at