In Iambs for You by s. Nicholas

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In Iambs for You

“Students who don’t stand for the pledge should be kicked out of class.”
-coworker at a staff meeting 2/6/15

America I don’t owe you my voice
or my tired legs, varicose veins
seething from the pressure of all
you have to offer. America
you have ordered me
quiet once too often. You’ve
told me I am too small, too
poor, too woman. So America
when you demand that I speak
I remain silent. You have
my heart, over which I place my right
hand, because I see your potential
America, your could-be, and it beats,
this heart, in iambs for you. America
this is how we love each other.

s. Nicholas

s. Nicholas teaches high school in the San Bernardino mountains where she lives with her three children and one husband. She has a BA in English/World Literature and Psychology from Pitzer College, as well as a Master’s in Education from Claremont Graduate University. She also has an MFA in Creative Writing from Cal State San Bernardino. She is educated far beyond her intelligence. More info about her can be found on her website: Her work has appeared, or is forthcoming, in Gesture, Tin Cannon, The Smoking Poet, Sugared Water, Two Words For, Inlandia: A Literary Journey, Amethyst Arsenic, the anthology Orangelandia: The Literature of Inland Citrus, and the anthology All We Can Hold: poems of motherhood.