Unevensong by K Weber

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Your breath on me:
a heavy neck-
lace with a large locket
glutted full of cement

The chain is thick
in links but insecure
at the rust
of a padlock

I wanted that breath
near my earlobe
at night but now
the pillow is a boulder

Here is where my head
breaks open and my sleep
secrets pour out
until concrete

K Weber

K Weber plays with synthesizers, words, and sound in Dayton, Ohio. K has self-published three books of poetry: “Midwestern Skirt” (2003), “Bluest Grey” (2012), and “I Should Have Changed That Stupid Lock” (2014). Her writing has appeared in Words Dance’s “Literary Sexts” and “Poem Your Heart Out” anthologies, Black Heart Magazine, and Lavender Wolves Literary Journal. More, the same, or possibly less at midwesternskirt.moonfruit.com