Bad Omens by Lakshmi Mitra

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Bad Omens

friday evening, an avenue streaked with cars
a cold crow with her head
pointing north, her feathers

my brother trades in insignificancies.

he strings wishbones, milky shells.
gathers crow’s blood
for the gods to drink.

we carry debt-burdens of bad omens
like we carry our spines;
unflinching. regret is not always
acrid, but marmalade-sweet.

when i think of our mother’s ashes
i think of sticky jam, and
sometimes of the bodies we abandon
only to find that skin always
feels the same (alive, alive)
and at night, new ghosts sing
their own elegies.

sometimes when i look
in the mirror – it frightens me.
how much
i look like myself.

Lakshmi Mitra

Lakshmi Mitra is a 19 year old college student living in Kolkata who occasionally frustrates herself into a bout of writing. When not doing so, she can be found reading, studying, craving sleep, and complaining. She is mostly polite, a lousy conversationalist, and doesn’t like sudden movements. Therefore, it comes as a great surprise to her that her cats still don’t like her. She blogs at