I’d Chew My Own Heart If I Could Reach It by Cecilie Klingenberg

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I’d Chew My Own Heart If I Could Reach It

I chew on my lips until they bleed;

I guess that’s why some things I say come out so raw.

Just to love, without claiming

it’ll have to be enough, even for the thing in me,

that hoard hearts


to hang them around my neck.

I’m sorry this is all so bloody of me,

too soon, too much.

Like biting into my lip when it’s trying to heal.

But I want to press my bloody mouth to the salt water in you,

just to feel it sting.

Cecilie Klingenberg

twenty-something poet living in London, but comes from Northern Norway. Collects mugs, sugar packets from different coffee shops and frequently has to sit down and contemplate life because Leonard Cohen songs exists. Self published a chapbook called Kelp Song late in 2015 and runs the tumblr blog Ceciliewriteswords.tumblr.com which updates often.