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Your face resting against the cold surface
of my hand,
your eyelashes rapping
my bony knuckles.
This is where we’re from.

You’re telling me funny things,

like “Oh, yes, that summer I had sex like water from the tap.”

You’re telling me

to look out the window
at some heavenly body
when my face is pressed into your hair
smelling the piston of your skull.
Reminding me where we’ve been.

You’re telling me 

to look down the barrel of the wine bottle,
your eyes connected to the center of the galaxy
by just one taut string.
No, I don’t drink.

But I do love the word
It fills my mouth in a pleasing way.
Sweet love fills my mouth
in a pleasing way.

I am looking out the window,
I didn’t understand until I saw the flames

“That’s it. That’s my heart.”*

*from Kafka On the Shore by Haruki Murakami

Lillian Sickler

Lillian Sickler is a writer and poet currently enrolled at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She is majoring in Comparative Literature and Sustainable Food and Farming. She wrote her first chapter book at the age of 13 and made her first apple pie at the age of 4. Lillian works in two kitchens, one at a cooperatively run restaurant at the university as well as one at a local farm. Throughout the day, words tip-toe through her head. Every once in a while she manages to loosely sew them together. Here is her tapestry.