like shadows on glass by john sweet

Comet by Alex Garant
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like shadows on glass

invented cancer
but not the cure

dreamt of impossibly
tall walls

of falling

little shapes reaching out
w/ jagged claws
hoping to catch me


and i would tell you
the truth if i thought it
mattered, but listen

you don’t need to believe
in god in order to die
in his name

the drowning man
has no song

we say this over and over
until we’ve created
the illusion of memory
and then we drink
dirty blood from holes
in the ground

we discuss
the sanctity of life

all pain is beautiful
when it’s pressed tight
against the hearts of
our enemies

john sweet

john sweet, b. 1968, a lot of years spent trying to twist chaos into something more streamlined and powerful. a big believer in writing as catharsis. NO to organized religion, NO to political parties. labels in general suck, but i’ll accept surrealism and post-punk. most recent collection is THE CENTURY OF DREAMING MONSTERS (2014 Lummox Press).