Letters From Persephone by Natalie Wee

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Letters From Persephone

After Tara Mae Mulroy

          Waited so long
for fruit mama
          I found it               ripe
between antlered thighs
          in the fields my
skull was a crown
          set on foundations
of desire                          he
          was my first
act of godhood
          resurrected from un
-speakable places to
          be mine

          Mama I did
not forget                        sweat
          from my palms
          the animal of
him marble
          the way you
taught me
          to cradle wounded
          cleaned those
bones with my own
          good mouth
                    my jaw open

is how
you break the earth
for desire

          Beneath dirt
my skin blooms
          nightshade             oh
          mama we
are luminary                    doves
          where nothing
          flies his
hair river
          reeds full
moon every night
          he coaxes
from inside me

Natalie Wee

Natalie Wee has been published or has poems forthcoming in (parenthetical) magazine, the Rising Phoenix Review, Apt Magazine, METATRON ÖMËGÄ and Words Dance. This aspiring slam poet struggles amidst a precarious balancing act between graduate school and writing. You may find more of her works at http://wondersmith.co.vu/.