Waking by Allie Gove

Airhead by Bella Harris
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When I wake you, your eyes open
like moth wings bleating in and out
of the light. You tell me to come back
in ten minutes. And in ten minutes
they open just the same but now a few
balloons canter away from your palms
as you stretch. For a while, before
you stand up and put your glasses on
we lie together in the fluid leaking
of your watercolor thoughts, the kind
of lucid dreaming where the Seattle rain
and early sun make a small blinding
of crystalline circuitry on the windows
and we start over again.

Allie Gove

Allie Gove attends CSUS and is an intern at the Sacramento Poetry Center. She writes both poetry and fiction and her work has been published in The Fat City Review, Black Fox Literary Magazine and is forthcoming from WTF?!