Highlighter Series: War of the Foxes by Richard Siken

Copper Canyon Press | 2015 | 96 pages | 978-1556594779

There was a ten year wait between Richard Siken’s Crush and this, his second collection of poetry, War of the Foxes. If I’m honest, I’ll admit I was terrified to read War of the Foxes for longer than is strictly reasonable. Crush had such an overwhelming effect on me, threw such a magnificently dirty punch, that I was unsure War of the Foxes would be able to match it, in my eyes at least. As it happens, Crush is still my favourite poetry collection, of Siken’s of course, but also of… anything. My heart is loyal to it. Having said that, I was ridiculous to doubt War of the Foxes for even a moment. It is mesmerising, intense, and painstakingly crafted – a real treasure.

Here are some of my favourite snippets:

And finally:

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Donna-Marie Riley currently resides in the South West of England. She is author of the poetry collection Love and Other Small Wars, published by Words Dance, and also featured in Between Sentiment and Sensation: Vol I, published by Red Paint Hill. She romanticizes cold coffee and bitten nails and she likes her poetry shaken, not stirred.