I want to love / to dapple by Max T.

Amber Dusk, #107 by Kris @ EcclesiastesOneTen

I want to love / to dapple

Grant me the cardinal privilege of living, as light,
within the waters of you:

a collection of golden rays and bronzish beams
(spooling) (aureate)

hurtling lightyears and lightyears from the breast of a sizzling sun
to alight against each of your surfaces.

Indulge this: these warmish bands striking, like fingertips,
in every angle upon the skin of your water. A keening soundless caress

that melts / unseams / blooms / infuses
strand-like into those depths

’til all your body is an ambrosia, ripe and sloshing,
every crest and swell honeyed with the taste of me;

and when all this is done,
let’s call this love,
let’s make believe this throbbing warmth masquerading as a body is less than a pantheon,

a series of gods awakening one after another between our fingertips.

Max T.

is a poet, artist, writer, and otter-lover. They have been published in various online reviews and are working on a prose series in which gods fall guilty and sinners save themselves.