Wherein My Therapist and I Discuss the Giftless Anniversary by Ellyn Touchette

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Wherein My Therapist and I Discuss the Giftless Anniversary

My Therapist:         It’s the end of your eleventh month.

                     I:         I am a beacon of half-assed achievement.

My Therapist:         You are not a phony.

                     I:         I came home white-knuckled and frothing.

My Therapist:         Do you know what a thing it is to be not-dead?

                     I:         When I consider old age, I shake and weep.

My Therapist:         The Great Beyond is easier when you understand.

                     I:         Death’s spit tastes like rubbing alcohol.

My Therapist:         Are you afraid of fear?

                     I:         Death bled out in my arms and I blistered.

My Therapist:         It’s been a year since He broke your heart.

                     I:         If I look down when I walk, will my neck snap?

My Therapist:         Next week, you and I will discuss The Great Right-Here.

                     I:         I would like to learn all you know of shipwrights.

My Therapist:         Then where will you be next Friday morning at ten?

                     I:         Here.


Ellyn Touchette

Ellyn Touchette is an organizer, teaching artist, & biology student of biology from Portland, Maine. Some of her work can be found in The Emerson Review, Blackheart Magazine, & Drunk in a Midnight Choir.