Letter to My Mouth by Aleph Altman-Mills

1978 by Pierre Schmidt aka Dromsjel
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Letter to My Mouth

Dear autistic mouth,
with your tidepool drool and your keyhole stutter,
I disowned you.
Turned you to mail slot.

You make it so hard to mean what I say
when I hardly know what I’m saying.
I might as well be the Big Bad Wolf
with a tongue full of brick.

Dear manic mouth,
with your bench slat chatter and your leaf blizzard fall,
I disowned you.

You are a hole
in a rubber balloon. Better for pills
than for teeth.

Dear echolalic mouth,
with your skip rope of inside out songs,
I disowned you.
Swallowed reflected light,
broke the mirrors, hid the spoons.

Dear mouth,
you hold so much air, the rest of me goes tree bark.

Dear mouth, you hold so much stutter,
the rest of me goes still.

Dear mouth, you are Russian roulette
of gumballed words and stuck elevators. You thank everything
too many times.

Dear broken mouth,
I disowned you.

Dear mouth, I love you,
take me back.

Aleph Altman-Mills

Aleph Altman-Mills is an autistic writer who collects acorns and likes to buy books other people have already written on. She has been published in The Legendary. She blogs and posts poetry snippets at really-fucking-confused.tumblr.com. She loves you.