For Her by Kirsten Uhde

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For Her

for her, the stars.
the moon has always been
too singular for our tastes
and I’ve never been fond
of the way she washes out
the night

for us, this night,
granny-smith-apple tart between my teeth
until her fingertips begin to sample
the skin underneath my shirt.
she asks me if this is okay
and ‘yes’ tastes like cinnamon.

for us, each other.
we spill through our fingers
in our haste to give ourselves away.
our laughter tumbles into bed
before we do.

for us, this bed.
for me, her peach-bruise collarbone
for her, my fruit fly fingertips
for her, my ice cold toes
against her bare skin.
she says to me, “I’ve
never been the warm one”
and I tell her “you
are a billion suns.”

for her, everything I have to give,
even the drafty windows
and broken shingles;
the cold can’t reach us in here.

Kirsten Uhde

Kirsten Uhde is a queer bigender poet from Maine. She was a representative of the 2014 Port Veritas team at the National Poetry Slam, and has been writing poetry enthusiastically since 2011. She believes in unisex bathrooms, the creation of safe spaces, and the healing power of connections established with the help of poetry. You can learn more about her personal, political, and poetic views by following her at