Cool Girl by Lora Mathis

Art by Pierre Schmidt aka Dromsjel
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Cool Girl

falls easily into the role of student
Pulls information out of teacher’s mouth and moans,
more more give me more

Cool Girl, not like the other girls
Cool Girl, The Original
Cool Girl, The Real Thing
Cool Girl doesn’t need to hold your hand in public
Cool Girl, there when you need her
Five a.m. knocking on Cool Girl’s window
and she’s ready,
already jumping into your passenger seat,
already unhooking her bra

Cool Girl doesn’t mind
that you only call her when you want something
Doesn’t mind that you get bored of her
for weeks at a time
Ignores the fifteen other Cool Girls
you’re texting while you’re with her

Cool Girl doesn’t need to be told
not to think too much about things
Cool Girl, speaks when spoken to
Cool Girl, drinks your favorite drink
roots for your favorite team
listens to your favorite band

Cool Girl is never begging,
never needy, always willing,
always shaping yourself into who
you ask her to be

Cool Girl,
the plastic blow­up doll
with the mouth a hole you shove your name into
Cool Girl doesn’t let on that she doesn’t exist
Cool Girl makes herself into
more than apparition, than idea
than shapeable fantasy

because she’s
cool, cool, so Cool

to control.

Lora Mathis

Lora Mathis lives in San Diego. There, she writes, takes photos, and plays in the punk band, Littlewhirl. She is one-half of the small publishing press, ink/paper press, and a founding member of Wildflower Collective. She likes her hair two days unwashed and her avocados with Cholula, please. :