Girl by featured artist Lora Mathis

      Speaking of Love

      The word “forever” feels ticklish in my mouth –
      no tongue touching teeth or lips –
      just air rushing through on its way to the only ears
      I ever want to hear that word.
      It is the greatest mystery to me that 26 letters
      can fill so many pages, spell out such deep thought,
      make words no one can define.
      Not really.
      I want to know your body like I know each letter –
      feel it on my lips and teeth and tongue –
      become so familiar with your skin that I read it like a poem,
      speak it like I am fluent in its foreign phrases.
      How does your tongue feel in my mouth?
      Breezy like forever?
      Like love?
      Like yes?


Tamara Sindelman

My name is Tamara Sindelman and I have been writing poetry since I learned how to spell. It is an integral part of my daily life – especially now that I am participating in the 365 day challenge and actively pursuing submission of my work. Writing helps me turn confusion and darkness into light and it inspires me to find the extraordinary in the everyday. What inspires me the most is when I read poems that use simple but precise words woven together in a way I never expected. Write on! :