Girl by featured artist Lora Mathis

      Second Letter to Jeremy

      I make love to him        in a brisk hotel room by the beach
      and it is more like making war        There is a stratagem
      in my pocket        a ruse        in my mouth         I am writing
      to tell you I like his sex        The way I press        him to me
      his face a broken        windowpane         refracted light
      When my nails
              London Bridge
                      down his back        How his hands        press
                              my windpipe

      There is a trick        The sound of the waves
      like bleating hearts        The cold of the sea air
      like empty arms        And if I pull him close enough

      it’s almost        Holding your hand


Rhiannon Thorne

Rhiannon Thorne lives in Phoenix, AZ. Her work appears/is forthcoming most recently in Conclave, Midwest Quarterly, The Sierra Nevada Review, and Existere. She also edits cahoodaloodaling and may be reached at