In the Quiet by featured artist Jamila Clarke

      Loneliness Came Inside My Home, Unpacked Its Things

      I sat on the floor in a blue room choking
      on emotions, confessing sadness to the cake falling
      down my throat, wondering
      how I have come to hate winter
      when it snows such beautiful white flowers.

      But –

      It’s the way I’ve neatly folded the laundry over and over.
      It’s the way fear visits me twice, and courage once.
      It’s the way I move alone at night.

      It’s how they catch me dreaming,
      and step over my body.


Stephanie Bryant Anderson

I edit Red Paint Hill Quarterly. My poetry has appeared or is forthcoming at The Dressing Room Poetry Journal, Luciferous, The Exhibit & THRUSH Poetry Journal. Previously, my writing has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and storySouth’s Million Writers Award.