Reach by featured artist Jamila Clarke


      You make me fill my
      sneakers with daisies
      & lightning strikes
      the linoleum floor
      whenever you walk
      across it bing bang
      boom crazy smoking
      potholes you turn me
      into lead bullets you shoot
      me like George Washington
      shoots Redcoats & Alexander
      Hamilton leaps off the ten
      dollar bill & I want to tell
      you something that’ll make
      you fall in love with me
      & me alone something
      clever & impossible to
      deny like ‘My Buddha
      can beat up your Buddha’

      or ‘We hold these truths
      to be etcetera’
      you wind me up you
      make my hands go
      around & around
      like a crazy clocktower
      & when the clock
      strikes one the
      money spills out
      into the laps of
      the rich & maybe
      your lap & mine
      because a rising
      tide lifts all boats
      (Reagan said that)
      & dolphins spout
      champagne & when
      the sun rises you also
      Rise & that wakes me
      Up & my face catches
      Fire with dawn when you
      Look at me like from
      across the room &
      I can walk out onto
      ice & never fall
      through because
      you make my subway
      car sing! Sing! Like
      the devil on
      Second Avenue
      like Leonard Bernstein
      & if I climb twenty stories
      I can see where you
      live & if I whistle
      down any street
      or avenue in this stupid
      city I can conjure you up
      because you set my head
      spinning like the Wonder
      Wheel — puddles
      no longer
      bother me a hole in my
      pants doesn’t bother me
      either & late for work?
      So what! Because
      when I see you
      cross the room
      I want to & lick you
      like stars & return
      you to sender like Elvis
      like Jerry Lee like The Big
      Bopper & before the magic
      wears off I say, Praise the Lord!
      Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!


George Wallace

George Wallace is Writer in Residence at the Walt Whitman Birthplace (2011-present), first poet laureate of Suffolk County NY, and author of 28 chapbooks of poetry. An adjunct professor of English at Pace University in Manhattan, he is editor of Poetrybay, Poetryvlog, Walt‘s Corner, and co-editor of Great Weather For Media and Long Island Quarterly.