Aja Apa-Soura

Although I’ve been painting since my age was measured in months (my mom, a toll painter, would give me scraps of wood from her projects, a cup of water, and a brush for me to “paint” with….) I really became serious with it in ’99 during my last years of high school. Resigned to my profession I was accepted to Montserrat College of Art on scholarship and concentrated on painting.

Sagittarius Gallery, my business, was started in April of 2003 and since then I have been blessed to have over 2000 patrons on 6 continents. Although I primarily sell my work through the net, I have shown at several galleries including at the World Monument Fund Gallery / Prince George Ballroom and Rogue Space in Manhattan, Karin Sanders Fine Art in Sag Harbor, NY, Robert Dowling Studios and Gallery in Bangor, ME, as well as a solo show at the Gallery and Grille in Newburyport, MA. My work has been published in ArtNEWS, American Art Collector, and The World’s Finest Erotic Art vol. 2, has been licensed by McGaw Publishing, and I am a listed artist with Art in America. My mash up painting dubbed “Vincent van NO” has been featured everywhere from Huffington Post Arts to Buzzfeed and even garnered a shout out from George Takei, and I have to say – as a Trekkie and self-professed geek, that I count as a supreme highlight in my career. Ha.

I concentrate primarily on the female nude figure to convey my vision, but regularly explore a variety of subjects such as florals, urban cityscapes, abstracts, and landscapes. My tool of choice is the palette knife and my medium, pure, undiluted oils. I work out of my Scotia, NY home studio.

And in case you’ve made it this far and wonder how to say my name, it’s pronounced just like the continent. Which continent is entirely up to you.

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