What To Do After She Says No

What To Do After She Says No

A Poem by Kris Ryan
104 pgs

Unrequited love? We’ve all been there. Enter: What To Do After She Says No by Kris Ryan. This skillfully designed 10-part poem explores what it’s like to ache for someone. This is the book you buy yourself or a friend when you are going through a breakup or a one-sided crush, it’s the perfect balance between aha, humor & heartbreak.

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Kris Ryan is a writer from West Springfield, MA, and a 2011 graduate from Westfield State University with a B.S. in Mathematics and Economics. He is formerly twice the MA Junior Bowling state champion, and currently he has one sanctioned perfect 300 game. He also enjoys card games, SCRABBLE, Chess, and Boston sports. He has work published or forthcoming in The Lake, Rolling Thunder Quarterly, Stoneboat, and Pure Coincidence.

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