Warning Shots by Peter Faziani

5.5″ x 8.5″ | 80 pages | ISBN: 978-0997940466
(44 poems + 7 images)

Warning Shots
by Peter Faziani

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Peter Faziani is currently working on his PhD at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and is also the general editor of Red Flag Poetry. Previously, his poems have been published in Words Dance, The Rising Phoenix Review, Ocean State Review, The Collagist, Sandy River Review, Silver Birch Press, The Tau, among others. He is a Michigander at heart living in Western Pennsylvania with his family and two boisterous corgis where they enjoy hiking and being out of doors.

Sample Poems from Warning Shots:

Finding Love in All the Wrong Wagons @ The Rising Phoenix Review
When Day Drinking Isn’t Enough @ Words Dance

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