Thank you so much for considering Words Dance for your work!

General Poetry Submissions

Words Dance publishes accepted poetry on Tuesdays + Thursdays on our site.

General Poetry Submission Guidelines:

  • Newbie? Check out what we are publishing here & peep at the about page to dig in.

  • Send 3 of your best, previously unpublished poems in one file. (doc or PDF files are preferred.)

  • Only previously unpublished work will be considered for publication.  We do not accept poetry that has been published on your personal blog or by a third party. There’s something special about a poem being seen for the first time by eyes other than the poet’s. Words Dance wants to be a container for that magic.

  • Simultaneous submissions are okay. If you do decide to send in a simultaneous submission, please let us know immediately if your work was accepted elsewhere. If only one of your pieces from your submission is accepted by another publication please withdraw the whole submission & resubmit.

  • Make sure your name does not appear anywhere in the document or submission title; our editors like to view submissions blindly.

  • In the Cover Letter field please include: Your first & last name, a bio (90 words or less) & one URL of your choice.

  • Please include titles for all work, if there are pieces that are Untitled, please state so.

  • Please attach a photo of your beautiful mug to place beside your bio if you wish to.

  • Though not required, you can send in audio of your poems with your submission. We take audio recorded from your smart phone, computer or in a studio & can receive most all standard audio file formats. If you’d like to wait to see if you your poem(s) are accepted before you send in audio, that’s perfectly acceptable, we remind you that you can upon acceptance. We expect you to be prepared to email the files to us within a week or so of your publication date.

  • We don’t really dig rhyming poetry or when every line starts with a capital letter.

  • Not vital but we dig proper punctuation.

  • Rights remain with the author, always. We gently ask that you mention us if your work is published in another publication or collection.

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