This is an official challenge. This is a call to action. This is a call to arms.

This Is A Call To Un-Shame.

For those of you who purchase(d) my book or eBook, SparkleFat – I am officially issuing a throw down. I’ve had a while to think about SparkleFat, and the journey that led me to writing and compiling the manuscript that evolved the way I talk and see and love my own body, and after I teared and snotted and grateful-ed my heart stupid – I realized: it’s no fucking fun to sparkle alone.

My beautiful friend Jessi Whit Murphy Honeycutt told me once, in what would come to be a life-changing conversation, “Sparkle your Sparkle”. Simple. Brilliant. A challenge in and of itself. At the time, I took it to mean “let your shiny thing shine”. Even if I wasn’t in a deep and loving relationship with body, I knew there were good things about me as a person. I was funny. I was smart. I was caring and deeply empathetic. Some days my tits were super-above-par. When my calves are freshly shaven they feel like cashmere dipped in honey. I could appreciate aspects of myself. I had shiny bits.

But it never went away, that persistent and familiar voice. The voice that unmade each and every beautiful thing about me, eventually – the voice that said fat. There was the voice that said fat when I walked into every room or bought new clothes or imagined a lovers hands sliding down the soft and naked of my body. It was a word I had given the world to hurt me. It was a map, to all of my softest and most vulnerable places. So in order for my journey to truly start, I did something about that voice, that word, and all the heavy implication that it carried. I took that motherfucker back. That’s what my book became, a manifesto of reclamation. And that is what this challenge entails.

I’ve done a few interviews recently where I explain that though this book is called SparkleFat, it isn’t just for fat people. It’s for anyone with a body. It’s just one story in an anthology of reclamation. This is the only story I know, and I entered the conversation from the road I was already on. But this movement, this love, this wild and worthy walk – it’s for everybody and every body.

So Here’s My Challenge:

When my book arrives at your door or via email, take a picture of it. (If you ordered the eBook, pop the cover up on the screen & use your phone / iPad / Kindle / laptop!) Take a picture of it with a part of your body you do not love. Whatever bit of yourself you don’t allow to shine. I took the word fat and I made it sparkle. I took this shame and this fear and I glued rhinestones to it and made it work for me. Do it for you, regardless of what it is. Maybe you don’t like your thighs, or your teeth, or your tits, or your love-handles. Maybe your voice, the one that whispers to you that you aren’t worthy, would talk a little less loud if you picked a piece of your body that deserves some shine, named it, and then took back its name. Take back what you are afraid of.

Tag it #Sparkle_________

We could be swimming in a sea of #SparkleThighs and #SparkleTits and #SparkleFeet and #SparkleCellulite and #SparkleArms. #SparkleSkinny and #SparkleScars galore. Maybe fat is that word for you, too. Great. #SparkleFat it is.

This is a brave thing. This is a scary thing. This is a right and necessary thing.

But, like Jessi told me, my sparkle deserves to sparkle. And you, my love, are needed on this dance floor – immediately.

Post your pictures to twitter. To Tumblr. Post them to my Facebook. I want to be swimming in a big, sparkling sea of reclaim. I want to see you sparkle your gorgeous sparkle, too.

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