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Her Story by Madeline Vardell

Wild Flower by Jon & David Swartz
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Her Story

for Daughters

He would come every night

in the year the vacuum was invented

with questions. Doe-eyed. Entrapping

across smoky exhaust. For him, I danced,

poured his wine. His dinner I fixed.

This is the way, of course,

with men.

for Granddaughters

He would come every night
as the dark crushed, like velvet,
in the year the vacuum was invented.
About bags and filters, I plied him
with questions, doe-eyed, entrapping.
I played a silk skein swept
across smoky exhaust. For him I danced,
a leggy spider in ebony nylons,
poured his wine. His dinner I fixed
in the dark, whispering, bend me
this is the way. Of course,
I was in my thirties then; I’d lived
with men.

Madeline Vardell

Madeline Vardell is an MFA candiate at New Mexico State University. She is the winner of the 2013 Kay Murphy Prize in Poetry, selected by Lara Glenum. Her work has recently appeared in Bayou Magazine, Rhino, [PANK], and Whiskey Island. She lives in Mesilla, New Mexico.

Mother by Laurel Dixon

Mixed Media Art by Jon & David Swartz
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The stiff pink petals of your fake flower collection
stand quiet    in mason jars    breathing
the dust of years
This house    is your perfect house
pink bricks    pink walls    white curtains
that rustle    in the air conditioning

I am a shadow puppet    in your dollhouse
robed in navy    my hair    a wild dark crown
Only your tea    matches me    the tender leaves boiled
down into sable    somehow    still sweet to the taste

In my mind you are always    waiting for me
to come home    sitting    on the wicker porch furniture
ignoring the drone    of the two TV’s inside
holding heavy tomatoes    to fold into my palm
In my mind    this is how I recall you
a small silhouette    holding a book
like a shield

Laurel Dixon

Laurel Dixon lives in Lexington, Kentucky. She recently won first place in The Carnegie Center’s LGBT Writing Contest for her story How to Fall in Love with Straight Girls, and her poetry has been published in Tobacco Magazine, Miss’ing Magazine, Voicemail Poems and The Legendary. She spends most of her time writing, gardening, and drinking too much coffee. :