Words Dance publishes accepted poetry paired with art from our monthly featured artist every Tuesday & Thursday on our website. Our archived poems are categorized by the poets’ astrological sun signs, found on the sidebar via our homepage – if you’re on your mobile the menu can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the page.



Words Dance Publishing has one aim:
To spread mind-blowing / heart-opening poetry.

Words Dance artfully & carefully wrangles words that were born to dance wildly in the heart-mind matrix. Rich, edgy, raw, emotionally-charged energy balled up & waiting to whip your eyes wild; we rally together words that were written to make your heart go boom right before they slay your mind. We like Poems that sneak up on you. Poems that make out with you. Poems that bloody your mouth just to kiss it clean. Poems that bite your cheek so you spend all day tonguing the wound. Poems that vandalize your heart. Poems that act like a tin can phone connecting you to your childhood. Fire Alarm Poems. Glitterbomb Poems. Jailbreak Poems. Poems that could marry the land or the sea; that are both the hero & the villain. Poems that are the matches when there is a city-wide power outage. Poems that throw you overboard just dive in & save your ass. Poems that push you down on the stoop in front of history’s door screaming at you to knock. Poems that are soft enough to fall asleep on. Poems that will still be clinging to the walls inside of your bones on your 90th birthday. We like poems. Submit yours.

Words Dance Publishing is an independent press out of Pennsylvania. We work closely & collaboratively with all of our writers to ensure that their words continue to breathe in a sound & stunning home. Most importantly though, we leave the windows in these homes unlocked so you, the reader, can crawl in & throw one fuck of a house party.


Through our ongoing online poetry magazine, where we share new poems on Tuesday + Thursdays. We publish a stirring mix of poetry & art by established & budding poets/artists of the present; talent of all ages & from every background & poems in any form.

We publish beautiful perfect bound books by poets we solicit. We are not taking manuscripts at this time but may in the future.

Our blog publishes art, interviews, reviews, music plus more by an ever-awesome staff of poets!

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Words Dance has been spreading poetry since 2003 in an array of mediums. It started as a quarterly webzine & every issue was freely accessible on the web. In 2005, after the 6th issue, founder Amanda Oaks made the decision to steer it into a print magazine & start her own press : Verve Bath Press (which has now morphed into Words Dance Publishing.) Turning out a journal packed with some of the finest poetry of our day was awesome, but she still had an itch, she wanted to strengthen Verve Bath’s arsenal, so she took to creating handmade chapbooks & in 2013 those evolved into full-length perfect bound books! Words Dance has carved out a space in small press history & we are looking forward to what the future will unfold.