Out of the Water by Alana Saltz

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Out of the Water

When you tap on my skin
I crack open

like a hard-boiled egg
splintering into shards of shell

that you use your fingers
to peel away, piece by piece.

The tiny clear membrane
sticks to your fingers.

The sharp shell edges
make your hands bleed.

Peel away the layers
until I am smooth and soft.

Forget the shell was there.
It did nothing to protect me.

Hold me in your palms.
Make me warm again.

My insides are cooked,
but somehow I’m still raw.

Wait to take a bite.
Wait a little longer.

Alana Saltz

Alana Saltz is a writer, freelance editor, and disability rights advocate residing in Tacoma, WA. She received her MFA from Antioch University and has work in The Washington Post, The LA Times, The Huffington Post, Angels Flight Literary West, voxpoetica, and more.: @alanasaltz