My Momma Knows All The Monsters’ Hidden Teeth by Karla Cordero

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My Momma Knows All The Monsters’ Hidden Teeth

my momma foresees mocos & gripa. she’d say: i dare you. bare your feet on the tile floor & watch a glacier swallow your ankles into sickness. go ahead. sleep wet-haired & watch water take nest onto the pillow then ocean your throat into sickness. my momma knows all the monsters’ hidden teeth. she’d say: go on. befriend the fire. & the vela’s wick will bite all the little fingers & make a burning church of your body. when the moon demands closed eyes. do so. el cucuy still thirsts. y ya sabes de la llorona. her trickery a result of sadness. be a good girl. too many lonely mothers whose children found wind a loved embrace.
                                                                           then found mtv. & drogas. & sexo.

those poor mothers. who will they feed now. all that pan & leche gone to waste.
                                                                           what a waste of pan & leche.

mija remember your mother & the vaporu. how they clung to your feet to save
                                                               you from ailment. remember you are

a floresita. rooted & hungry. hungry for sun. & sun too will be hungry.

Karla Cordero

Karla Cordero is a descendant of the Chichimecha tribe from northern Mexico, a Chicana poet, educator, and activist, raised along the borderlands of Calexico, CA. She is a Pushcart nominee and the recipient of the Loft Literary Center Spoken Word Immersion fellowship (Minneapolis, MN). Cordero’s chapbook, Grasshoppers Before Gods (2016) was published by Dancing Girl Press. Her work has appeared and forthcoming in Tinderbox, Word Riot, Poetry International, The Acentos Review, Toe Good Poetry, among other publications.