bougie as fuck by Timmy Chong

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bougie as fuck


by august we hadn’t set
an alarm since spring and
nothing could be warmer
than us in all our privilege.

the somedays to live for, you
and I wearing down thin soles.
the somedays to die for, taking
in stride each excuse to sin more

clearing every dark
rooftop and sinkhole.


in our wandering we found that
the primrosed promised land
wasn’t fiction, by friction
of sin on skin on skin on

earth as it must
be in heaven.

and you had still stayed though i
smoked cigs so i threaded needle
through these bars, stitched
up your scars until harmless.


you, broken in, soft-spoken
and i, smitten so brazen, us
brave as fuck and glowing
like the six o’ clock sun

laughing until numb as
the cold kitchen floor.
breathing in traces
of kimchi and rum

left our shoes and our
shame at the door.

Timmy Chong

Timmy Chong is an east coast millennial with an addictive personality. He’s a senior and the only frat boy studying journalism and poetry at the University of Maryland. His work has been published by Drunk in a Midnight Choir, Rising Phoenix Press, Atticus Review, New Pop Lit, and Stylus, and he’s looking to publish his first chapbook Suburban Filth in 2018. You can find his writing at