Scars by James Roach

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I never used to walk around shirtless.
Not until surgery gave me a flat chest
and two six inch scars
reaching across like two smiles.
And even then,
my shyness kept my shirt on
as a piece of armor
from possible curious eyes.
It’s been 9 years
and I still feel awkward
having my torso bare
in front of my family.
Like I’m somehow inconveniencing
their notions of what my body should look like.
My body is still unfamiliar to them
and sometimes even to me.
I have no problem
being shirtless around friends
or strangers at the beach.
My scars are two stories
I don’t mind telling
without having to speak.
I’m proud of their
messy and uneven lines.
I’m proud of the body
I took apart to create.

James Roach

James Roach has been writing for years but only in the past few has he realized he might be amazing with words. He’s originally from the midwest and has been living in the Pacific Northwest for 13 years. James is inspired by the weather, heartbreak, beauty, ugliness, and more than this text box can fit. :