Haunting by Razili Roy

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You saw me inhale snow for the first time and
I breathed it all in until my lungs were glaciers.

You kissed me once – only once.

The ice caps are on the verge of turning into oceans and
I can already feel my mountain heart and tornado stomach

He had his lips pressed against mine as
he looked for all the crevices in my skin.
I was trying my best to memorise his hands and all
they had learned from her, when he pulled away.

His eyes looked like they had just realized
they were in love with nightmares.

I tried to find his mouth again but
he did not know the way anymore.

“You kiss me like you are looking for someone else.”

I held onto my breath for an entire infinity as
I realised I was in love with nightmares and I was

There comes a time when you realize
missing is not the same as wanting.

It is like putting your money into a coffer
whose key you threw one sunny afternoon.

All those faces end up becoming your face
and your face is in all of those faces.
All those faces I have kissed end up
looking like the only face I want to kiss.

I think I would burn the postcard you send
but have an urn for the ashes all the same.

Razili Roy

Razili Roy is a college going student who has a penchant for multiple cups of tea and equally abundant hours of sleep. A failed art curator, among other things, she writes during odd hours of either (or both) the waking and sleeping day. The rest of the hours are spent mincing words and petting strays. You can take a look at her Instagram account (@raziliroy) if you wish to see more of her work.