The night we met, I drank by Tanner Lee

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The night we met, I drank

so much my lips forgot the labor of mouths
words stuck between six and seven shots
I slipped through hallways and houseparties
unnoticed, except by one
her hair, like a wildfire, unravels me
so much trust goes into something as soft
as a body. We cannot move but through sight
through a roar of drums and howls,
the first thing to go is certainty
like everything, love begins with bourbon
its amber mash preserves me, turns
my eyes up
to the lightness of the sky

Tanner Lee

Tanner Lee lives in Ogden, Utah, and studies at Weber State University. His writing has appeared in Hobart, Glass, and is forthcoming in The Comstock Review, Bitterzoet, FRiGG Mag and Lost Sparrow Press. He is an assistant blog manager at The Blueshift Journal. Find him on twitter @heytannerlee