Beached by Mariel Fechik

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My spine was made of sea urchins
that night they found me in the bay,

the angles of me all wrong but still
pointed toward you.

I heard a story once about a couple
who recorded tapes of their secret
affair, as if to leave a marker saying
this is who I loved

and I found this beautiful in the way
that one might find the lights
of a sinking ship beautiful.

When they pulled me from the bay,
they pried jellyfish from my wrists,
excavated you from my lungs,
and left you as a marker in the bay,

a buoy floating in the dark.

Mariel Fechik

Mariel Fechik is a musician and writer from Chicago. She works for a educational nonprofit, sings in a band called Church Booty, and a duo called m&e. Sea creatures are very important to her. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Black Napkin Press, Cosmonauts Avenue, The Rising Phoenix Review, and others.