Detour by Emilie Sukijbumrung

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You say, “We’re taking a detour.”

You say, “It’s somewhere I think you will appreciate.”

You say, “Because I know you.”

We park outside a library and walk around back to the pavilion.

We stare at the pond.

You tell me about being seven at art camp and learning bad words from
the carvings in the wooden posts. 

You trace your finger where they used to be.

I stare at your hands. 

Emilie Sukijbumrung

Emilie Sukijbumrung is a poet who focuses on the art of healing. Using words as surgical instruments, she picks apart at what is raw/soft/sensitive. A senior at the University of Tampa, Emilie is studying education, hoping to teach students to find a voice of their own. Her personal twitter account is