Lost in Translation by Vidisha Phalke

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Lost in Translation

  1. You wake up with laughter ghosting your gasp. You can’t remember the joke. You can’t remember the setting. But you know there was another person. You know.
  2. There are small moments where he senses it: the moments the world tilts the wrong way, in the way one takes a step for a stair that doesn’t exist. He saves a seat for a person never coming; pauses for a text that will never come; turns to share a story with a no one. Stutters. Moves on.
  3. In the haze after midnight and before sunrise, she feels the curl of an arm against her, the tickle of feminine breath around her ear. She looks at her lover and her nonexistent and the two overlap. Falls asleep next to only one of them.
  4. (The world still rotates, even with the nonexistence of a should-be-existing.)

Vidisha Phalke

Vidisha Phalke is a full-time daydreamer and part-time student. She earned a regional gold medal for poetry in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards of 2016. When not writing, she can be found with a book in her hands.