Rebekah by Joe James

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O, holy man who drew me from the city with gold rings
and more than the whole world to offer.

The first time I saw you, I found you meditating in the field,
the stars spilling their light, crying tears of blessings
because they knew of the epic love that would exist between us.

We spent 19 years exploring each other:
memorizing the freckles on our shoulders
the clicks in our wrists
the backs of our teeth
cataloging the nights we begged god for more
crying each month he remained silent

But, with one open mouthed kiss full of laughter,
you made my gums bleed and we bore the two sons
who would share this world in blessings and curses.

I remember you in your sleep:
when you would roll away in your laughter
how you cried for your mother, all the while
pummeling the earth beneath us until your
knuckles bled and split our tent asunder
the pain in your face so great, the moon was
afraid to look down on us.

O, holy man who drew me from the city.
You could have offered me your name
and I would have gladly torn my garments
with you over any pain you felt.

Because your suffering was mine
and my happiness was yours.

An odd trade, I know. But we shook
with an earthquake that no one else could feel.

Joe James

Joe James is a 27 year old poet from Tucson, AZ. He collects vinyl records, classic films, and retro video games. Previously published in hooligan magazine, issue #4, Joe is quiet, mild, and likes his privacy. You can follow him on instagram @toshiroxmifune