Confluence by Rachel Egly

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I. Estuary

A river runs rampant through
your veins, your mind, sometimes

I can see it rushing behind
your eyes. You’re adding
water to the sea
of me; we are brackish

where we are joined, all
salt and transition.

II. Diversion

I heard the sound          answered          came
across this watery divide

just to put some
distance between us. I’m not sure
if you liked being called a
river; they are
impetuous, shallow things that are
hard to get over.
I should know

better. It is calmer on this
bank, but I wish you
were here.

Rachel Egly

Rachel was born and raised outside of Chicago, but currently resides 120 miles south where she is pursuing a Master’s degree in freshwater ecology from the University of Illinois. She is in love with pretty rivers, insomnia, and good pizza. You can learn more about her at