Interfaith Relationship by Shanti Weiland

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Interfaith Relationship

The flaw hangs above us
like a water moccasin.
The morning is bright, but you
see a cross, a terrible thing
that happened once. You say
it’s your fault
and mine.

There are birds that sound
like death. Morning
Glories feel shame for this.

In your eyes, my wealth
stinks like a body long
forgotten, hanging up there
and judged.

I place coins in the eyes
of my dead and dance
sky-clad as you circle
the last of the rosary.

We both bake bread.
Who will eat first?

Shanti Weiland

Shanti Weiland’s book Sister Nun is the 2015 winner of the Negative Capability Press Book Competition. Weiland received her BA in English from the University of California, Davis and later moved to the desert, pursuing a Creative Writing MA at Northern Arizona University. She then traveled to the humid and friendly south, where she earned a PhD in Poetry from the University of Southern Mississippi. She currently teaches writing and literature at The University of Alabama and lives in Birmingham with her partner and a menagerie of pets. You can find her at