Homewrecker by Babette Groos

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I am not untouched.
I am wary and stubborn and scared—
but I have done this before.
I have had men trying to pry me open
like prey, like something their wives
couldn’t give them and I have been looking
at people like you for ages. I’m not saying
they’re you or you’re them but hands
feel the same no matter who wears the skin
and teeth are just that; teeth—
no matter whose mouth they are in.
Believe me, I am not untouched.
I have tasted blood before
and I have held hands with the devil
and all his brothers more times than you
have set your teeth in girls like me.
I know you have done this before;
know you think I am young and still
bendable, so easy to break,
so easy to be taught everything
just the way you like it. I know men
like you. I am sure you’d like to see me
wearing your dress shirt, I am sure you’d like
to put that tie in my mouth. You want to do
everything to me your wife won’t allow you
to do to her and I am sorry
so I open my legs and we both know
I’m not untouched,
but we both pretend I am.
We both pretend this isn’t the first time
you have tried to get your hands
inside of me, looking for a reason to stay
we both pretend I would let you,
if you did.

Babette Groos

Babette Groos is a young Dutch girl who reads everything she can get her hands on, including the back of shampoo bottles. She can be found eating too much ice-cream with her friends or walking the only dog she’s not scared of. Her biggest achievement is not peeing her pants while reciting a poem at a literary festival, even though she has a couple of anxiety disorders. You can find her at deaths-and-darlings.tumblr.com, where she reblogs pictures of Harry Potter and stalks people she wants to be friends with.